Time slot reservation - weekdays during the day - Monday to Friday (except Statutory Holidays)

Time Slot Reservations: Weekdays during the day - Monday to Friday (except statutory holidays)

In accordance with government health measures, anyone aged 13 and over must present their vaccination passport and proof of identity with photo for access Méga Parc.

The price of the wristband is based on the rider's height and is valid for one time slot of 2.5 to 3 hours depending on date and time chosen.
Prior to making your selection, please make sure you properly measure your child to insure that you purchase the correct wristband category.

The chaperone wristband gives access to the following rides only : Zénith, Centrale, Carrousel, Hélix, Express, Convoyeur, Électro and Piston. To access the previously mentionned rides, the chaperon must necessarily accompany a child who cannot otherwise access the ride without the presence of an adult. One chaperon per child will be admitted on each ride. The chaperon must be at least 18 years of age.

Children under 36 inches are admitted free of charge. This category of wristband cannot be reserved online. You can get this wristband directly at the ticket offie located at entrance F of Galeries de la Capitale.

 All sales are final.  No refund or exchange is possible.

Pregnant women,  persons with cast/brace/splint/fixed walker boot and persons with major health conditions cannot be admitted on most  rides.  Please go to the "Play" section of our website to verify specific conditions for each ride.

Due to the current labour shortage, Méga Parc might have to close some rides or operate rides on an alternating basis, i.e. one ride operator operating 2 or 3 rides.  Patinarium ($) and Salle des machines ($) are open.